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L e e c h  W o o d s

A Frighteningly Immersive Haunted Trail
In Damascus Maryland



Whats new?

New Scares, New Buildings, same old clowns. Every area has been enhanced to make them even scarier with many new experiences starting with the bone house, the crematorium and the addition of the Leech Family Store, the site of the 1803 massacre. 


What to expect

Leech Woods is a thirty minute immersive haunted trail experience of dark terror. We promise a night of chain saws, clowns and dark corners. When you are done screaming, we offer amazing food and drinks, alcoholic beverages, bonfires, glow in the dark axe throwing, fire dancers, DJ booth, carnival games, fortune telling and other forms of entertainment every night in the Leech Woods Midway where Admission Is Free. 

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welcome to leech woods

   According to Montgomery County historical land records, the present site of Leech Woods was originally settled by Warwick and Jeanne Leech and their six children sometime in early 1790.  Having immigrated from Hungary, the family chose Damascus, Maryland based on its temperate climate and heavily wooded region which reminded them of their homeland.  The Leech family store thrived as the leading local merchant of hides, furs and hunting supplies.  During the disastrous Winter of 1804, the Leech family store was robbed and vandalized by unknown attackers and the body of John Leech, the youngest son, was found nailed to the back wall of the store.  The remaining bodies of the family members were later found bludgeoned and bound inside of the root cellar of their homestead.  No further information about the attackers or motives for the killings are known.

Remnants of the Leech family homestead still stands deep in the woods where the present Leech Woods experience is built.  The Leech Woods immersive experience follows the original walking path from the site of the Leech family hunting supply store to the remnants of the original family homestead.  As the property was classified as a historical site in 1972, no artifacts may be removed and we ask that you respect the privacy of the grave sites. 

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